Sunday, September 23, 2007

Video Chat in Windows Live Web Messenger

Surprise,Surprise! Windows Live Web Messenger will be introducing Video chat into the web client. A close examination of the Windows Live Web Messenger screen shot, shows this:




The circled icon in the top shows a webcam icon, to view the contacts webcam. The bottom circled advertisements, advertises the new Video chat feature in Windows Live Web Messenger.


More information to come about Video Chat!


Stay Tuned!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Search for your contacts using the word wheel

Now, you wont have to spend hours trying to find that contact you are dying to talk to in your contact list. Similar to the word wheel in Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Web Messenger will introduce easy contact searching using the word wheel. You will be able to search for contacts, by their display name, email address, and much more.

Stay tuned!

Facebook group created

A Facebook group has been created for people who wish to post feature requests for Windows Live Web Messenger as well as obtain information about this web application. You may join at

Windows Live Web Messenger goes into dogfood

Beta is the new passé, and dogfood is where its at. Calendar and now Web Messenger are now both in dogfoods that are running on external urls (you have to be signed up to the internal dogfoods in order to load the products - ie you need to be a Microsoft employee).

Here's the tiny Web Messenger shot from the homepage (with the new Windows Live Wave 2 UI)

Windows Live Web Messenger adds Personal Status Message integration, tabbed conversations (ok so they are stacked vertically in a "conversation workspace") and display picture options, though those are already available from most Wave 2 Windows Live services, such as Spaces
Stay tuned for more information regarding Windows Live Web Messenger!

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Windows Live Web Messenger blog

The downtime and constant errors we have been having with Windows Live Spaces is unacceptable.

We cannot be losing our readers because of this

Therefore, we have a backup blog, here. in case the main blog goes down.

We are debating whether or not to move the main blog over to Blogger

We will keep you updated.